Alcatraz Cruises 还!程序

Alcatraz Cruises has been offering free tickets to underrepresented youth for several years now. But many of the schools that these children attend are not able to take advantage because they can not afford the transportation to get students to San Francisco’s Pier 33 to board the boats.

2017年 Alcatraz Cruises 与Hornblower经典缆车合作,在解决运输差距方面迈出了一大步,在此过程中创造了一个令人难以置信的回报计划。

The Alcatraz Cruises Gives Back! outreach program offers complimentary Alcatraz Island tickets along with full round-trip ground transportation, picking up students in the morning at the participating school and returning them in the afternoon.

Since the schools targeted for this program provide free lunch for nearly 100% of their students, Alcatraz Cruises includes a box lunch for every visitor. In addition, and as a keepsake, Alcatraz Cruises also provides complimentary boarding photos for all participants.

Alcatraz Cruises 还!2018年1月和2月的选定周二、周三和周四提供。对于2017年新赛季, Alcatraz Cruises 接待了15次团体体验,包括290名学生和99名成人陪护。

All schools that are invited to participate are Title 1 grade schools in the immediate San Francisco/Bay Area. The program will be offered again in 2018 with the goal of bringing this opportunity to even more qualifying schools.

的 Alcatraz Cruises 还!计划产生了一些最强烈的喜悦和感激之情,它对所有参与者都深表回报。试想一下,这些孩子被一辆机动缆车接到他们学校的喜悦,因为他们知道他们正在前往 Alcatraz .



"感谢您给我们我们的特别旅行 Alcatraz 今天。我们都很喜欢渡轮。食物很好吃,冒险也很棒。在音频巡演期间,我的法罗部分进入细胞。一些学生还声称见过鬼。无论如何,我希望你可以发送其他类去,也许做其他学校。

"我们有一个美好的时光 Alcatraz .我真的很喜欢缆车,因为我们要感受到新鲜空气。我也喜欢这食物,尤其是三明治。我妈妈说这幅画很漂亮。每次看到它,我都感到快乐。我把画放在桌子上。在船上,我看见一只海狮!我太惊讶了!我是如此退出,感到很高兴,我去了 Alcatraz .

感谢您邀请我们 Alcatraz . Alcatraz 不是我想留在的地方。



"我们有一个美好的一天 - 一整天 - 在我们的旅行 Alcatraz .对于我们中的许多人来说,这是第一天:

第一次乘坐渡轮,第一次乘坐缆车(任何类型的),第一次参观 Alcatraz .

We continue to read up on and study the history of the escape attempts. We have a class divided on whether the three “successful” escapees are still alive. In ten years, the class may not remember my name, but they will certainly remember their adventure to Alcatraz Island.”

"在 1 到 10 的尺度上,10 是优秀的。我会给一个10。

“The entire experience was memorable (modes of transport), thrilling (Alcatraz!), compelling (Alcatraz!), thoughtful (lunches, pictures, guides), convenient (door to door pickup and delivery) and user-friendly (headsets).”

“It was wonderful! I especially loved that we were picked up in the cable car. This trip has been previously difficult if not impossible because of the distance and lack of transportation, but this made it work!”

“The students loved the boat ride and the cable car on wheels. They were really engaged during the Alcatraz prison tour and shared many things they learned. Some had a chance to talk to the former Alcatraz prison guard and asked him questions about the two prisoners who had escaped.”


“3rd graders are required to learn about their city/community and how it has changed/evolved through time. Alcatraz was a great example of a place that has done a full circle and they were able to recognize that.”





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