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Our Fleet

Learn All About the Alcatraz Cruises Fleet

Alcatraz Cruises works tirelessly to reduce pollution.  Our vessels have been re-powered with the most fuel efficient, low emission engines available.  We use exhaust after-treatment technologies that decreases particulate and NOx emissions an additional 80% over California’s strict Tier II air quality requirements.  Our annual fuel consumption has been reduced by 235,292 gallons, which is equivalent to taking 450 cars off the road and planting 718 acres of trees.

Alcatraz Cruises operates the greenest ferry boats in the nation!  In 2008, in an effort to reduce our impact on San Francisco Bay's natural environment, Alcatraz Cruises built and introduced the Hornblower Hybrid into our fleet.  Since 2008, we have repowered two additional Alcatraz Cruises vessels, the Alcatraz Clipper and the Alcatraz Flyer.  All functions on these vessels are powered using a combination of diesel-powered Tier 2 generators, electric motors, wind turbines and photovoltaic solar panels.

The Alcatraz Cruises Hybrid Ferry Fleet has redefined the profile of vessels on San Francisco Bay.  As the nation's first hybrid passenger ferry service, our fleet’s mission is far more important than its appearance.  When the solar panels on top of the vessels absorb sunlight and energy is generated by the wind turbines, power is provided to charge the 12V DC batteries.  Additional power is provided by diesel generators for more efficient movement through the water.

Each of the hybrid vessels in Alcatraz Cruises Fleet can operate on propulsion batteries alone for over an hour, providing a silent cruise around the San Francisco bay.  Alcatraz Cruises, with our hybrid passenger ferry fleet, is leading the way in environmentally friendly vessels and the potential to decrease our carbon footprint daily.

For more information about our fleet and sustainability practices, go to Respect our Planet.








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