Tour Offerings

Guided Tour offerings are currently unavailable. Please check back for updated schedules and information.
Day Programs

Join Alcatraz Island Rangers and Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy Docents for thematic, guided walking tours around less traveled areas of Alcatraz Island. Guided tours are offered throughout the day and generally start either at the dock or the lighthouse and may involve walking moderate distances. Topics may include Famous Inmates, Escapes, Hollywood’s Rock, the Victorian Gardens, 200 Years of Alcatraz History or Fortress Alcatraz. These tours generally last 45 minutes to an hour. Tours and times vary daily, so please check the program board when you disembark at the Island dock. Daily program boards are also found at Pier 33 Alcatraz Landing. No reservations are required, and all programs are free.

Night Programs

Experience the many moods of Alcatraz Island with an evening visit. Enjoy the beauty of a sunset silhouetting the Golden Gate Bridge and hear compelling stories about the Island’s history and residents. Evening talks may include topics such as the life of a colorful inmate, books authored by former residents, sports enjoyed on “The Rock” and notorious and not so notorious escape attempts. The Alcatraz Night Tour is a unique program limited to just a few hundred visitors per evening and includes special programs, tours and activities not offered during the Day Tour.

Available Tuesday – Saturday

The Behind The Scenes Tour includes all the Night Tour activities, plus additional guided tour opportunities with National Park Service Rangers and Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy docents which take you further into the hidden rooms, passageways and underground cells of an Alcatraz Island long forgotten.

Please note: Children under the age of 12 are not allowed on the Behind The Scenes Tour. Please do not purchase tickets for children under the age of 12 for this tour as they will not be able to board the vessels for the tour and refunds will not be available.