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Tour & Travel Operators

Creating Unforgettable Experiences

If you are a Tour & Travel Operator, the following Travel Group and FIT Policy applies to you.

Travel Group & FIT Policy

  1. All Tour Operators and Wholesalers must apply in advance.  Upon receipt of your application request, please allow 30 days to process your application form.  Upon written approval you will be able to make ticket requests through the group sales department.  Note: If you would like to apply, complete the group trip application request (below).  We will reply via e-mail with an application form for you to complete based on your application request.  You must mail the application form back with any required attachments.  Examples of requirements includes your Tax ID number, IATA, bank name, bank branch, and bank address.

  2. Tour Companies must package Alcatraz tickets with other services and clearly disclose Alcatraz ticket prices at their face value.  Proof is required in the form of published marketing materials.  Proposed tour package is subject to approval.

  3. Ticket Purchase Maximum: (per Tour Company in combination with travel groups and FIT usage): 300 tickets monthly March through October and 500 tickets monthly November through February, 60 tickets per boat.

  4. Operational details will be included with your application form.

To complete an application request, go to group trip application request.

Group Trip Application Request

Please Note: The group trip application request below is simply a request for an application.  Completing this request does not constitute a group reservation for an Alcatraz tour.  Once the completed group trip application request is submitted, an Alcatraz Cruises Group Services Department representative will contact you directly via e-mail with more information within 5 business days.

All information forms will be sent electronically.

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