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School Groups

Where History And Fun Meet

School groups include grades Kindergarten through Grade 12.  If you would like to bring a school group of 15 students or more to Alcatraz Island, you must request permission in advance.

Excite your students about the mysteries of Alcatraz with two dynamic education programs offered by the National Park Service.  Students can discover the many layers of history on the Island.  Alcatraz served as a military post from 1854 to 1933; a federal penitentiary from 1934 to 1963; the site of American Indian Occupation for self-determination from 1969 to 1971; nesting site for thousands of birds annually; and the subject of many Hollywood movies.

Alcatraz Uncovered, a middle school NPS facilitated program uses the Island as a model for learning about archeology, and is offered to local schools at no charge.  Alcatraz Uncovered utilizes the Understanding by Design model for learning and is organized so students can build on the knowledge they have already gained.  Students search for clues from the past, and draw conclusions about daily lives and cultural perspective within each time period.  With pre-visit, field session, and post-visit lessons, the program is designed to help students achieve California Social Studies Standards for 6 and 7 grades.  The teacher workshop is held in January and the programs are scheduled throughout the spring semester.

Middle and high school teachers that book tickets to Alcatraz can use the Island as an outdoor classroom by preparing their students with educational materials offered online by the National Park Service.  Using Alcatraz as a case study, Questioning Artifacts is an engaging interactive program that helps students learn how artifacts tell a story, and how they can influence our understanding of history and culture.

Information about both of these programs can be found here.

Special Note: One adult leader (aged 21 years or older) is required for every seven students.

As dates fill up in advance, please allow as much time as possible for processing your request.  Choose at least two alternate date options for your group trip.  Dates can be confirmed up to a year in advance.  Payment is required within 90 days of the tour date, or reservations will be cancelled.

To request permission for your School Group please complete the application request form (below).  Allow 30 days for review.  Once we have received this request, an application form will be sent to you for completion.

Group Trip Application Request

Please Note: The group trip application request below is simply a request for an application.  Completing this request does not constitute a group reservation for an Alcatraz tour.  Once the completed group trip application request is submitted, an Alcatraz Cruises Group Services Department representative will contact you directly via e-mail with more information within 5 business days.

All information forms will be sent electronically.

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