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Hornblower Hybrid

North America's First Hybrid Vessel

Cruise Green

Redefining Vessels In San Francisco

The Hornblower Hybrid has redefined the profile of vessels on the San Francisco Bay.  As the nation's first hybrid ferry this boat's mission is far more important than its appearance.  It is called a hybrid because it uses energy from solar, wind, grid electric, and Tier 2 diesel generators to power the vessel.

When the solar panels on top of the vessel absorb sunlight and energy is generated by the wind turbines, power is provided to charge 380 V DC batteries.  Additional power is provided by the diesel generator for more efficient movement through the water.  The vessel can operate on propulsion batteries alone for over an hour providing a silent cruise around the bay.  The Hornblower Hybrid is leading the way in environmentally friendly vessels and the potential to decrease our daily carbon footprint.

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