Gardens Of Alcatraz Island Exhibit

(October 10, 2017) — In an on-going effort to showcase the many assets of Alcatraz Island, the Northern California Society of Botanical Artists (NCalSBA) is collaborating with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy to create Alcatraz Florilegium, a display of botanical paintings documenting the plants of The Gardens of Alcatraz. The display is on view through January 15, 2018 and is free to those who purchase the general admission tour of Alcatraz Island.

A Florilegium is a collection of botanical drawings and paintings depicting the plants of an area and can be of plants found in a particular garden, such as the Gardens of Alcatraz, or the plants found on a voyage of exploration such as Captain Cook’s voyage to the South Seas in the 18th century. Historically, Florilegiums were created to document plants scientifically long before cameras were invented.

The Alcatraz Florilegium is a collection of 127 paintings and drawings that highlight plants that survived on the island despite being neglected after the prison closed in 1963 as well as new introductions to the Island.

Exhibition entries were selected for criteria of fine art and science, including composition, drawing, technique and scientific accuracy. NCalSBA artists visited the Island—some of them, several times—to view and select a plant to depict with guidance from the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy staff. Artists spent between 50 and 150 hours on each piece of art in a range of media including watercolor, graphite and colored pencil.

Artists will be available Fridays and Sundays to answer any questions about the collection currently displayed in the Alcatraz Band Practice Room in the prison building.
Please go to special events and exhibits to visit the Florilegium Gallery. The collection is also available in a catalogue for purchase in the Island’s bookstore.

To book tickets visit, call 415.981.7625 or purchase at the Ticketbooth at Pier 33 Alcatraz Landing.

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Gardens of Alcatraz Exhibit Press Release