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American Sign Language Interpretation

The National Park Service provides Sign Language Interpreters for Alcatraz Island visitors.  To request a Sign Language Interpreter, NPS must be given at least five days advance notice in order to guarantee that an interpreter will be available.

To make a request please call the Accessibility Program Manager at 415.561.4958 or click here to e-mail.

Individuals who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf/blind or have speech disabilities may utilize the following Federal Relay Service numbers:

(800) 877.8339  Federal Relay Service
(877) 877.6280  VCO
(877) 877.8982  Speech to Speech
(800) 845.6136  Spanish
(866) 893.8340  TeleBraille

Contact the Park

Mailing Address
Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Building 201, Fort Mason
San Francisco, CA 94123-0022

(415) 561.4958  National Park Service Accessibility Program Manager
(415) 561.4700  National Park Service Pacific West Region Information Center

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