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The Hornblower Hybrid has redefined the profile of vessels on the San Francisco Bay. As the nation's first hybrid ferry, this boats mission is far more important than its appearance. It's called a hybrid because it uses energy from solar, wind, grid electric, and Tier 2 diesel generators to power the vessel.

When the solar panels on top of the vessel absorb sunlight and energy is generated by the wind turbines, power is provided to charge 380 V DC batteries. Additional power is provided by the diesel generator for more efficient movement through the water. The vessel can operate on propulsion batteries alone for over an hour providing a silent cruise around the bay. The Hornblower Hybrid is leading the way in environmentally friendly vessels and the potential to decrease our daily carbon foot print.

Charter the Hornblower Hybrid

The Hornblower Hybrid, our environmental flagship, serves many purposes for Alcatraz Cruises. Ferrying visitors from all over to world to Alcatraz and Angel Island, the hybrid is also host to private charters and events. The Hornblower Hybrid has five distinct areas for buffet and cocktail setup and also allows for optimal viewing and mingling opportunities. This provides you with flexibility to meet your event and group needs. With a maximum capacity of 149 passengers for ferry service and up to 110 guests for a cocktail party, the Hornblower Hybrid is ideal for any environmentally friendly event.

For more information, call 1.888.HORNBLOWER.

Discover The Bay!

Join Aquarium of the Bay and Alcatraz Cruises for a unique, hands-on educational experience. Our new Discover the Bay program combines the experience of learning about San Francisco Bay onboard the Hornblower Hybrid, the nation’s first hybrid ferry, with a guided tour of Aquarium of the Bay’s exhibits with more than 20,000 local marine animals. Lead by the Aquarium’s team of expert naturalists, this experience provides an immersive learning experience with San Francisco Bay from above and below the water.

During this 5 hour program, your students will learn about the ecology of San Francisco Bay, the history of these waters and the surrounding Golden Gate National Recreation Area, impacts of climate change to this region, innovative energy saving technologies, and personal actions everyone can do to protect this vital resource. The Discover the Bay program is aligned with California State Science Standards for 6th grade – and is appropriate for students in 5th through 8th grade. Alcatraz Cruises is pleased to partner with Aquarium of the Bay, a local non-profit dedicated to creating experiences that inspire conservation of San Francisco Bay and its watershed.

Learning stations aboard the boat include:

  • Hands-on, Educational Activities
  • Bay Food Web & Plankton Exploration
  • Water Chemistry
  • Hybrid Technology & Climate Change
  • Bay Wetlands & Ecology

Program package includes:

  • 2 1/2 Hour Interactive Hybrid Ferry Cruise
  • Lunch aboard the Hornblower Hybrid (lunch not provided)
  • 1 Hour Aquarium Guided Tour

Discover the Bay Flyer

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Press Information

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In the News!

Hornblower Hybrid Wind TurbineEnergy and Fuel Savings

  • We built the Hornblower Hybrid by reusing another boat. In doing so, we saved more than 735,000 KWh of electricity in the construction and retrofit of the vessel. That is the equivalent of taking more than 60 U.S. homes off the grid for an entire year!
  • Instead of idling at the dock or burning diesel to keep the lights on (a standard practice in the industry) the Hornblower Hybrid switches from diesel power to battery mode to save fuel and reduce emissions.
  • The Hornblower Hybrid will reduce our annual diesel consumption by more than 29,000 gallons! That is equivalent to taking 58 cars off the road permanently or planting 90 acres of trees.
  • The hybrid boat uses approximately six gallons of diesel fuel per hour, compared to 30 gallons per hour used by a conventional ferryboat.

Green Interior

  • Carpet - contains Everset Fibers made from post-consumer recycled materials and is also recyclable.
  • Countertops – indoor and outdoor bars are made from pieces of recycled glass by Vetrazzo, Inc.
  • Lights - the boat is fully equipped with an LED lighting system. All LED lights onboard are equivalent to one 100-Watt incandescent light bulb.
  • Interior signage - printed on Plyboo, a sustainably-sourced composite containing no harmful chemicals or materials.
  • All interior modifications meet the United States Green Building Council's LEED criteria for recycled content.

Visiting Alcatraz

For more information about visiting Alcatraz or to book tickets please make online reservations.

Book a Hornblower Cruise

For more information about booking a brunch, lunch or dinner cruise on a Hornblower Yacht and for special events and weddings please make online reservations or call 1.888.HORNBLOWER.

For more information on how to take a ride on the Hornblower Hybrid,
please call (415)438-8320 or email

Hybrid Floor Plans


  • Length: 64 feet
  • Maximum USCG capacity: 149
  • Maximum cocktail capacity: 110
  • Sound system has iPod and CD capabilities
  • Flat screens are DVD or laptop-ready
  • Cordless microphone included


  • Open-air deck with comfortable seating
  • Excellent water-level viewing


  • Full bar
  • Passive heating from electric inverter drives
    (uses no additional energy)
  • Restroom


  • Outer deck functions as a foyer


  • Upper-level aft outer deck
  • Partial coverage by permanent canopy
  • Built-in outdoor bar
  • Exceptional, panoramic views


  • Accommodates 2 cocktail tables
  • Interactive energy displays
  • 2 flat-screen LCD televisions
  • Port and starboard display countertops